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Brady Skye is an award-winning filmmaker, artist, and YouTuber with a passion for preserving authenticity in an increasingly mundane world. His love for storytelling has led him from piloting vintage airplanes to trekking through exotic locations in extreme climates. Many of his documentary style films give spirit to the heart and soul of a nation, often exploring not just the scenery and food but the people behind the culture. Alongside independently producing his own travelogues, documentaries, commercials, and wedding films, Brady is an avid YouTuber, voice actor, and educator. 

Brady grew up in Orlando, Florida. As a child he consistently played classical piano and guitar, later leading a band to perform live shows around downtown Orlando. As a teenager he continued to pursue music alongside photography, acrylic painting, and immersed himself in a variety of computer applications including Photoshop and CAD. It was in college Brady discovered his love for visual storytelling and theatre. He performed as a lead actor in multiple stage productions in college, gaining experience both in front and behind the camera. He has been building his film portfolio actively ever since his senior year at Flagler College. Brady graduated with a B.A. in Communication and Media Production in 2010. 


From 2015 - 2017 Brady produced and edited hundreds of commercials for the PGA TOUR among other projects as a voice actor. Over the last decade his work has been distributed by major networks and brands such as Paramount, CBS, NBC Sports, Golf Channel, Nickelodeon, Scholastic, Wounded Warrior Project, Sonny's BBQ, Florida Power & Light, and MTV. He has proven himself as an efficient film editor for large ad-agencies as well. 

Serving as a director, cinematographer, sound designer, and editor, Brady has single-handedly received numerous awards at film festivals including Best Music Video, Best Road Trip Film, Best Drone Cinematography, multiple Telly Awards, an Honorable Mention for a short documentary, and a District 4 Addy Award. 

It was in his 30's he started his journey creating visual art, following his passion for flying tailwheel airplanes and one of the most innovative times in aviation: the years during WWII. Alongside his filmmaking career, he is currently building upon his digital WWII collection 'Angle of Attack,' offering limited signed prints of each piece released. Brady plans to add to this collection over the next few years and eventually explore other historical subjects he is passionate about. 

Brady Skye
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